General Assembly of the LBS

General Assembly of the LBS


Jürgen Eberl elected to the steering committee again

As an industrial association, the Bavarian Association of Freight Forwarders (LBS) represents the interests of nearly 430 companies covering the whole spectrum of the freight forwarding and logistics sectors. Approximately 190 participants attended the general assembly of the LBS, which took place at the beginning of July in Bad Gögging. Jürgen Eberl was once again elected to the steering committee.

Current topics, among others, were:

  • Trucking tolls
  • Crossing the alps by truck/train
  • Driving bans based on traffic avoiding tolls and air pollution restrictions

Joachim Herrmann, Bavaria’s Interior Minister for Construction and Transportation, and Mathias Krage, the President of the German Freight Forwarders and Logistics Association (DSLV), were also in attendance. Joachim Herrmann stressed, “Freight traffic and logistics form the backbone of the productive economy. They are simultaneously the prerequisite and consequence of economic and societal action.”