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Piece Goods

  • OneDay: Delivery of your parcel anywhere within Germany in the standard delivery time of 24/48 h with a 98% delivery rate in 24 h.
  • Express: Delivery of your package on the next day over the course of the workday.
  • Express-Appointment: Delivery of your package on the next day before 8:00, 10:00 or 12:00 including Saturday deliveries.
  • Fixed Appointment: Delivery of your package at a set, defined time and/or time window. A „latest“ delivery time can also be selected.
  • Notification: Telephone notification of your delivery by the delivering partner’s dispatch or by the delivering driver.
  • Procurement Logistics: Management and receival of incoming goods flow – for industrial and mid-sized companies.
  • XXL-Cargo: Loading of oversized loads up to 7 meters long in the package service with fixed delivery times and everywhere in Germany.
  • B2C: Delivered as ordered. For “free house” delivery (“free place of use”) with delivery notification within a half-day and Germany-wide delivery time of a max. of 2 days (2-5 days).

Our Cooperating Partners

Partial and Complete Loads

Do you require one or more containers or do you only need a portion of the container’s capacity? We offer FCL (Full Container Load) as well as LCL (Less than Container Load). For FCL, the container is loaded by a sender and is unloaded by the recipient at its destination.  LCL makes is possible to consign your piece goods shipments internationally over the seaways. In this case, we consolidate various shipments in one container and unload them for the recipient at the receiving port. This makes for cost-effective transport. Trouble-free communication with an end-to-end shipping document for your goods, so it reaches its destination quickly and reliably – anywhere in the world.

Special Deliveries

Special runs and special deliveries are part and parcel of our daily business. Whether it’s door to door via courier in Germany or Europe, if it’s 1 kg of documents in a car or 4 pallets full in a transporter: we’ll deliver! With our mega-trailer, we can even transport objects up to 295 cm (9’ 8 in) high. We always deliver your special loads directly to their destination without reloading. Your goods are only handled directly for loading and unloading. So, when you need exceptional service, we are the perfect partner. Our emergency planning and your main contact partner are available for you around the clock, 365 days a year.

Your contact partner for all questions:

Richard Tiller
+49 8669 358 130

Oversize Loads

It doesn’t matter how big, heavy or unwieldy – we’ll get it to its destination – worldwide. With our own special equipment and access to a network of specialized partners, we can assure you that we are ready to meet any challenge. We plan your oversize load with or without accompanying vehicles, organize all required permissions and take care of loading and unloading as well as its placement at its destination.

Package Service

With the Eberl package service, you can send packages up to 30 kg Germany-wide and up to 50 kg internationally. We offer fixed delivery deadlines (within five days), inclusive insurance coverage up to EUR 750 per package (by request up to EUR 5,000 per package) and constant shipment tracking with delivery scanning. This means that you can always see where your delivery is and when it’s delivered. Export throughout Europe and worldwide. Within two to four days, your delivery is at its destination. With our package service, we also offer express and fixed date deliveries throughout all of Germany (excepting offshore islands). The delivery is made the next day ­– before 5 pm with “Guarantee” and before 12 noon with “Express” service.

Your contact partner, Mr. Tobias Ramstötter, is available to answer all your questions concerning package service:

+49 8669 358-155

Dangerous Goods

When it comes to the transport of dangerous goods, it’s all about the highest measure of reliability and care. Our hazmat drivers are certified with up-to-date ADR certificates, the trucks are outfitted accordingly and everything undergoes regular inspections.  When it comes to transporting dangerous goods, you can’t make a safer decision than transporting with us.

Your contact partner for everything to do with dangerous goods transport is Mr. Richard Tiller.  You can reach him at +49 8669 358 130 or via email at richard.tiller@spedition-eberl.de

Air Freight

Since we are experts when it comes to all transport tasks, it goes without saying that air and sea freight are a part of our services. In doing so, we keep an eye on the advantages to you when it comes to costs/benefits. For this, we use consolidated deliveries, otherwise known as consoles. In this way, you have access to all of the world’s important airports and economic centers. With an agent network in approximately 300 locations, we make reliable import/export planning possible with weekly departures. In the process, we take care of all important matters for you: From the insurance through the combined air and see freight transport and everything to do with customs, all the way to express deliveries. Our fixed partner representatives on 6 continents guarantee trouble-free execution.  As our customer, you always have access to all the relevant data on a delivery, which you can call up at any time and pass along confidentially. That gives you and your customers planning security and also maximum transparency.

Sea Freight

A considerable portion of exports find their way over sea routes. We can find the most ideal and economically efficient transport solution for your sea freight. Our experts will take care of every aspect, so that you can keep your complete concentration on your primary tasks. Whether it’s house to house, composite container transport, full container loads or special solutions. Our specialists take care of all aspects and take this tedious work off your hands. Do you require one or more containers or do you only need a portion of the container’s capacity? We offer FCL (Full Container Load) as well as LCL (Less than Container Load). For FCL, the container is loaded by a sender and is unloaded by the recipient at its destination.  LCL makes is possible to consign your piece goods shipments internationally over the seaways. In this case, we consolidate various shipments in one container and unload them for the recipient at the receiving port. This makes for cost-effective transport. Trouble-free communication with an end-to-end shipping document for your goods, so it reaches its destination quickly and reliably – anywhere in the world.

Supply Chain Management

Globalization means that you not only have to be good, but fast.

To us, supply chain management means that we coordinate and optimize all of the individual segments of your value chain. All operations – from incoming orders through material procurement to delivery – are tailored to your requirements. Through the connection of all steps from purchasing and production, all the way to delivery, the relationship between time, cost, quality and service are also in tune. All-round, professionally-organized procurement logistics is crucial. The choice of reliable suppliers, high-quality and affordable materials and the tight organization of all processes all make decisive contributions to your success.

The goal is optimizing amount, quality, time and costs. A strategy, tailored to your business model, defines the way forward.  A seamless flow of information, both inwards and outwards, is the prerequisite. Planning, control and transport – all from one source.

Your contact partner, Mr. Thomas Eberl, is available to answer all your questions about the details:

+49 8669 358-0

Procurement Logistics

The procurement of high-quality, and at the same time, cost-effective goods is increasingly becoming the key factor to the economic success of companies competing globally.

Our procurement logistics ensures the availability of your production goods in the right place at the right time. We guide and control your material flow and the corresponding information. With this out of the way, you can concentrate your attention on production. The scope of responsibility in procurement logistics extends from your supplier’s loading dock to your own receiving area or even provisioning the goods for production.

Warehouse Logistics

The outsourcing your warehousing needs is most effective when you have one reliable partner.

You concentrate on your core business and we’ll take care of everything that has to do with warehousing logistics – really, everything!

We warehouse:

Practically everything you can give us. From individual packages and pallets to boxes, crates, barrels and frost-sensitive goods. Naturally, we can also temporarily store goods being relocated, winter tires and, needless to say, much, much more.

We offer:

Approximately 17,500 m² of warehouse space including shelf and block warehousing, heated warehousing, handling warehousing, bonded customs warehousing, an open customs warehouse and all this with a rail connection and indoor/warehouse crane. It goes without saying that container loading and unloading is also in our scope of service as well as international moving and much more!

We provide:

everything you should expect from a professional warehouse logistics specialist. This includes packaging, commissioning, inventory, heat sealing, security sealing, labeling, final assembly, neutralizing, installation, quality inspections and clearance for imports and exports. Also, warehouse and inventory management is safe and secure in our hands.  including operational organization and control, temporary goods storage, “just in time” coordination, development and realization of outsourcing projects, advertising management, collections management, inventory, customs clearance in the ATL@S-system, barcode labeling and warehouse scanning. Naturally, are services are compatible with FIFO systems.

Trade Fair Logistics

The professional planning and execution of a trade fair appearance has an influence on your image among your customers and business partners. Therefore, your trade fair appearance must leave an impression and be a sound investment. We combine logistics, export, reimport customs processing, transport to the trade fair, return transport and professional execution on location. Take advantage of a service package that is tailored to your individual requirements. For us, your success is our top priority.

Your contact partner, Mr. Tobias Ramstötter, is available to answer all your questions concerning logistics:

+49 8669 358-155

Customs Clearance

We at Eberl are the only customs agents in the Traunstein customs district that can expedite all your customs formalities when it comes to imports and exports.

By means of the ATLA@S system, we are connected to approximately 3,000 European customs offices. That means it doesn’t matter where your truck, delivery, air or sea freight container arrives, we’ll take care to ensure fast and trouble-free customs clearance. Experienced employees, our good reputation and diverse certifications  bring you the decisive advantage: fast and trouble-free clearance. With our open customs warehouse (OZL), we offer you the possibility to store goods, duty unpaid, until you actually sell them. They can also enhance your credit standing with the help of our customs guarantees. Our qualified personnel and our IT solutions are at the ready to solve all of your customs needs.

Your contact partner, Mr. Heinrich Hinterreiter, is available to answer all your questions about the details:

+49 8669 358-124

Packaging Service

Packing by a pro:

For safe and proper packing, there is much to take into consideration. That’s why you should leave the packing to our experienced professionals. Also, when it’s about safeguarding your goods, we offer complete service from one source.

Sales and delivery packaging:

You can also contract us to work out a concept for your sales and delivery packaging. We will take care of everything, from the selection of the supplier and the design, all the way to the assembling and packaging of promotional offers and gift sets.


Moving a whole business is a big challenge – and for the company, this process always poses an element of risk. Together with you, we plan out everything thoroughly in advance. We know from experience that with company moves, there are always many more factors to consider than with a residential move. After all, the business has continue operating as seamlessly as possible. Take advantage of our flexibility – for example, to move over the weekend! We transport all heavy loads, sensitive IT equipment, copiers and machines of all sorts. Save time, stress and money! Take advantage of our experience.


A move is challenging – always. We’re there for you with detailed and competent advice. Benefit from our long years of experience. The next move – with us – will be stress and trouble-free – up to and including the adjusting of your furniture. We’re done when you’re satisfied.


When familiar surroundings suddenly change, for older people this can cause a great deal of stress. The children have left the nest, the house has just become too big to take care of or you have to move for health reasons. We at Eberl are there for you and we’ll relieve all your worries. We’ll take care of your entire move and, if necessary, resolve any outstanding issues with landlords or government agencies.

International removals

Emigration, taking on a new career challenge or simply following your passion. For decades, we have been helping people move between countries, especially overseas. We take care of everything that needs to get done for your move into “the wider world.”  Packing, transport and furniture storage are part and parcel of our service. Moreover, we offer help with insurance and customs formalities as well as the taxes levied on certain goods. Our strong network of international partners is already waiting at your destination to ensure everything runs smoothly. Let us draw up a custom offer for your international move. You can choose from all of our service and transport options.

Container Storage

The container is the perfect vessel for transport, storage and the protection of goods. Whether its furniture, finished products or works of art – the container is the best option. A steel container doesn’t have to be reloaded to be put into or taken out of storage or for transport. Everything stays in the container. The containers stay in a closed crane warehouse and are safe from all the elements. They’re also protected from dust and insects Modern crane warehousing is indispensable for innovative warehouse and transport logistics respectively.

Art and Valuables

Sometimes, there are special objects whose transport demands extraordinary responsibility.  For example, grand pianos, antiques or works of art. Our moving professionals don’t only guarantee gentle transport, they also assure expert dismantling and reassembly when necessary. Regardless if you need to relocate a valuable instrument, an heirloom piece of furniture or a priceless painting. With us, everything is in good hands.

Packing Service

For your move, we’ll deliver everything you need for packing your household goods. Our moving professionals are also happy to give you the best packing tips. If you find that you don’t have the time or opportunity to pack all of your books, dishes, furniture and everything else that needs to go, we can also take care of that for you too.

Dismantling & Reassembly

An important step in every move is the careful dismantling of furniture and other items. Our experienced professionals are happy to do this work for you. Professional dismantling is not only good for your furniture, it also saves you time – after all, our employees do this every day. Of course, reassembling everything at its destination is also included in our offer. With this service, you can rest assured that everything will fit back together.

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Eberl Internationale Spedition GmbH & Co. KG

Partial & Complete Loads

As your regional partner, we have strengthened our service by including the Europe-wide networks of two reliable partners, ONLINE and CTL, as well as our own regular service and a uniform standard of service quality. This means that the obvious advantages of our system also apply to our European shipments.

Fast and reliable deliveries by means of daily runs in all affiliated countries. This doesn’t only save valuable time, it also saves money.

Spedition Eberl can adjust flexibly to customer needs in the dynamic markets across the whole of Europe. You can also benefit from our expertise and take advantage of our professional service portfolio.

Our Services:

  • chartered European runs
  • Europe-wide partial and complete loads
  • daily regular runs within our partner group
  • nationwide distribution with 12/24 hour service
  • piece goods service
  • production runs and waste removal with shuttle runs
  • global freight forwarding (import/export)
  • JIT (Just In Time) deliveries
  • JIS (Just In Sequence) deliveries
  • express goods service
  • combined transport