Our History

Since 1967, the name Eberl has stood for reliability and innovation. You can learn how it all began and where it’s going here.

2022 January – Takeover of the Scandinavian transports of Guido Obermaier GmbH in Prien

January – Relocation of central services EBERL Group to the technology and service park


November – relocation and start of operation Bullyworld in the technology and service park


November – Relocation and start of operation KLVrent in the technology and service park


October – relocation and start of operation E5 in the technology and service park


September – Groundbreaking for the new KLVrent technology and service park


April – New entry within the EBERL Group: the company Bullyworld with the well-known Bullyland figures


1st Company Run EBERL


Update Logo E5 GmbH


Update Logo KLVrent


EBERL main sponsor at the Chiemsee Triathlon


20th birthday LKZ Prien


Implementation of the IFS (International Food Standard) certification


Introduction of new driver scanners


EBERL main sponsor at the Chiemsee Triathlon


Participation in the project “AlpInnoCT” in cooperation with LKZ Prien


Sponsoring Young Talent Center SBC / International EBERL Cup U11 / U12


50th anniversary of EBERL – Anniversary celebration with the Spider Murphy Gang live


Cooperation Doc Stop e. V.


Transport Logistic Messe Munich


Integration of Spedition Dusch into the EBERL organization


Purchase of KLVrent


Participation in the project “Future Trailer” Spedition Zitzlperger / LKZ Prien


Logistics Innovative Congress


New building: Halle


Preparation of the IFS (International Food Standard)


Hygiene management according to the HACCP concept was established


Cooperation with IDS Logistics

November 2013

EBERL Logistics in Rosenheim is now equipped with an external elevator and a stair climber for heavy and/or unwieldy furniture and appliances.

October 2013

The E5 Truck & Trailer Service has expanded their service with a new brake test stand among other improvements. You can find the homepage online at www.efuenf.com.

January 2013

E5 GmbH is growing in two further areas. The metalworking area has been expanded with a professional sheet metal workshop and the Truck & Trailer Service now has an independent automobile and tractor trailer garage.

September 2012

At the company headquarters in Aiging, the new office expansion is now complete. The new space has room for the sales division, warehouse logistics and a new conference room.

May 2012

Transport capacity has been increased with new swap bodies and mega trailers. Up to 67 lightly packed euro pallets can be loaded onto the double-decker trailers on two levels with a total of nearly 3 meters of vertical storage.

March 2012

A new development center will be equipped for the development of the smoker cabins and clean rooms.

EBERL has taken over the procurement logistics as well as the commissioning and shipping of over 800 packages per day for three north German companies.

January 2012

The EBERL Group will be expanded with the founding of E5 GmbH.
In Altenmarkt, E5 GmbH commenced their metalworking operations.

September 2011

EBERL Internationale Spedition GmbH & Co. KG has received the status of regulated agent from the German FAA.
This status helps us simplify and speed up the expediting of freight at the airport, without this leading to compromises in security.

EBERL Slovakia s.r.o. moved into a new office in Topolcany.

April 2011

The founding of EBERL Slovakia s.r.o.

January 2011

Hall no. 5 is finished. The 3,200 sq. meter, multi-function warehouse is equipped with a temperature-controlled warehouse area, a heavy-duty crane for container loading and high-bay storage with space for 600 pallets.

November 2010

EBERL is now a NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier), i.e., more flexibility and security for our customers with our own, house-issued bills of lading.

October 2010

Partnership with Nestle-Schöller in the regional, refrigerated logistics sector.

June 2010

EBERL takes over the complete service contract for a leading Swedish manufacturer of smoke-free rooms. This covers the regions of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hessen, the Rhineland-Palatinate and Austria.

March 2010

Spedition Breuer will be, like Lader-Innung, integrated into the EBERL Logistik GmbH & Co. KG and is your preferred partner for national and international moves, container warehousing and transport.

February 2010

Lader-Innung Rosenheim will be taken over by the EBERL Group. Our product package encompasses a broad spectrum of innovative logistics solutions for you, now including furniture and moving services.

January 2010

Acquisition of pick-up and distribution services for another European general cargo network.

November 2009

Introduction of new freight forwarding software.

October 2009

Since 2009, we have established ourselves in the European fashion world with our subsidiary, “brands to watch.”

July 2009

Production starts on an EBERL marketing film.

January 2009

Spedition Zitzlsperger in Altenmarkt is integrated into the EBERL Group, expanding our European national truck traffic in the jumbo, mega and dump truck sectors.

February 2008

XXL-transport is further expanded, over-sized loads, Germany and Western Europe with daily main-line departures.

May 2007

EBERL expands their own long-distance, semi-trailer transport network with an established run between Switzerland and Slovakia. In November of 2007, another US company will hand its logistics over to EBERL.

March 2007

A new series of 1000 Smoker Stations is transported from Sweden and warehoused with EBERL. Assembly, SCM, sales and logistics all from one source – EBERL Logistics.

November 2006

Realization of the first logistical step with an American company moving into the warehouse facilities at Spedition EBERL. The result: maximum flexibility for our customers.

July 2006

In construction phase 3, moving into an additional warehouse hall of 1,750 sq m. Total space of all warehousing now totals 9,850 sq m.

January 2006

EBERL expands their long-distance semi-trailer transport. Acquisition of various new vehicles, participation primarily in transport in Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

December 2005

Approval of the building plans for the construction of a further warehouse hall of 1,750 sq m; expected completion before 2006.

November 2004

EBERL takes over the complete commercial and industrial order processing of a Greek firm within the German market.

August 2004

In an invitation to tender answered by 1,500 freight forwarding companies, EBERL won the complete, world-wide processing and restructuring for the leading manufacturer of smoking cabins. The logistics, from the assembly, the construction of glass and aluminium elements, transport, warehousing, an online connection to the Swedish parent firm itself, all the way to the purchase of the materials from European suppliers in Europe.

July 2004

EBERL becomes a full partner of the AerOceaNetwork, a world-wide association of air and sea freight forwarders.

May 2004

Beginning of the development of a container terminal in Traunstein in cooperation with the economic development plan for the County of Traunstein. Handling of goods on the street and from the street onto rails. This demonstrates our active contribution to environmental protection and the security of our habitat. Above all, this is a pioneering vision for an alternative to road transport.

April 2004

The Spedition Jürgen Eberl customs office & freight forwarder is now connected with nearly 3,000 European customs offices via electronic processing with the NCTS (“New Computerized Transit System”).

It doesn’t matter where your truck, package, air freight or sea freight container arrives, our customs specialists guarantee you fast and, above all, trouble-free customs processing.
We help you react faster, possibly even recover lost time – the decisive advantage for securing the fast-track through Europe.

June 2003

The second construction phase is finished; the construction of an additional 2,500 sq m will be required. Moving into the newly constructed space and the patented Logistics Hotel in June, 2003.

August 2002

The newly constructed logistics and freight forwarding center with 2,500 sq m of handling space in Aiging near Traunstein is open for operation. Moving of the entire business into the new facility.


EBERL Internationale Freight Forwarder & Customs Office becomes a partner and shareholder of Cargo Trans Logistik and expands its logistical offering for its customers in the extra-long and XXL cargo sectors with daily domestic and international connections.

October 1997

The Deutsche Bahn AG (German state rail corporation) ceases all general cargo and express cargo service in Germany. Spedition EBERL doesn’t only take over the office and hall for goods handling in Traunstein, but also, looking toward the future, expands its national and international general cargo service, logistics division, truck, air and sea transport as well as warehousing area.


Thomas Eberl joins the family business after finishing his education in commercial logistics. In the course of his studies, he trained at the Munich airport and gained years of experience in the industry, in seaports and abroad, as well as graduating with a degree in transport administration with honors from the Industrial Chamber of Commerce (IHK) and the Bavarian state government.


Spedition EBERL becomes a partner in the leading consolidated cargo association, ONLINE Systemlogistik. ONLINE Systemlogistik is a partnership association of medium-sized, family-owned logistics companies operating Europe-wide. By 2010, this association will grow to more than 74 system partners and employ over 5,800 workers.


Creation of a second pillar of the business as a certified, customs clearance agent with all important customs licences. Today, Spedition EBERL serves national and international customers as the leading customs specialist with their main office in the central customs office Bad Reichenhall, Rosenheim and Altötting.