Our Company

We provide you with integrated assistance along your entire value chain.

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Who we are:

Since 1967 the name Eberl has stood for logistics. From craftsmen to multi-national corporations – countless satisfied customers have relied on us over all these years. It doesn’t matter if it’s via road, rail, air or water ways, we’ll take care of your business.

Over the years, we haven’t only gained experience, we’ve also expanded our service. Whenever you have a new challenge for us, we’ll tackle it with you, because we deliver comprehensive solutions for your logistical needs.

What we do:

As a logistics company, we’re your full-service partner with expertise in warehousing, supply chain management and order fulfillment. As a freight forwarder we can move practically any type of goods through all of Europe and around the whole world – over all transport routes. As your customs expert, we take care of all the formalities and ensure speedy processing. It doesn’t matter where in the world your wares are located. Your moving specialist – national and international – is our branch office in Rosenheim. With experience and the latest technology, we move you.