Moving is usually a lot of stress and often emotional also. Do yourself a favor!

You’ll have support from our moving specialist from the very beginning. They’re at your side with guidance and resources. You benefit from the experience that we have gained over decades of being in the business. With our trained personnel and the most modern technology, your move will be fast and secure. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to another location in Germany, Europe or to another continent – we’ll do it for you!

The team of our branch in Rosenheim, EBERL Logistik GmbH, is looking forward to your inquiry!

From moving boxes to packing and the transport of hard to manage and heavy objects like your piano or a safe and your valuable furniture, we offer complete, all-inclusive service. Even special requests like moves for members of the military, office and agency moves, complete company relocations or home liquidations are our within our scope of service.

Our offer extends to international moves, including container warehousing of contents (even long-term). We regularly carry out intercontinental moves to the complete satisfaction of our customers.
With the latest equipment, like an external lift for example, and our well trained and experienced moving teams, we make sure that your move is completed quickly and trouble-free. We’ll save you time, money and a lot of stress. Call us and give us an idea of the situation. We’ll find the perfect solution for you.

Rental Agreement

Terminate your lease with proper, due notice.
Before you sign a new lease, read it very carefully.

Deposit (in Germany)

Work out the repayment of your rental deposit with the landlord.
At the most, a rental deposit should be no more than three months of the base rent, paid in three installments, the first installment usually being due at the beginning of the rental agreement.

Re-registration/Deregistration (in Germany)
  • Residents’ Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt)
  • Banks (change/cancel direct debit mandates)
  • Auto Registration Office (Auto-Zulassungsstelle)
  • Post (possibly submit a forwarding request)
  • Telephone, cable TV, internet…
  • Electricity, water, gas (make appointments for final meter readings)
Don’t forget to inform:
  • Relatives, friends
  • Health insurance
  • Tax office
  • Schools/pre-school
  • Church
  • Insurance providers
  • Business partners
  • TV license
  • Clubs/associations
  • Newspapers (subscriptions)

of your new address.

Disposal/clearing out

Moving is a good time to get rid of old “treasures” and to free yourself of things that have piled up over the years. Clear out the basement, attic and the garage – this will save on transport costs. We can take care of any disposals as necessary.


If stipulated in the rental agreement, a renter may have to undertake renovations before ending their lease. Find out if you are responsible for carrying out “cosmetic repairs” according to the lease.

Handing over (the old apartment)

Inspect the empty apartment together with the landlord and draw up a takeover record that the landlord has to sign.

Apartment inspection (new apartment)

Together with the landlord, the new apartment should be inspected for defects and possible damage. Record anything of the sort in a written takeover record. All meters (electricity, water, gas…) must be read and confirmed by the landlord.

How can you recognize a moving company that isn’t serious or is operating illegally?
  • The movers are not permanent employees and don’t have social security.
  • These people are often unqualified day-laborers, who are “let loose” on the customer without any training. They work for cash, without the employer having to deduct withholding taxes, social security and pension insurance.
  • The final payment is only accepted in cash and no value-added tax is calculated/required. These unofficial services are carried out without any insurance protection. When it comes to damages, you have no recourse for redress.
  • In comparison, their prices are very inexpensive. During the course of the move, services will be “discovered” that allegedly weren’t in the original quote or the billable hours will be drawn out/padded. Often, the final bill turns out to be twice the price of the offer.
  • The companies only advertise mobile telephone numbers, no company address.
  • The name of the company’s owner is nowhere to be found.
  • The moving van comes from a rental company and is usually not suitable for the professional transport of furniture.
  • The moving boxes are a mixture of used boxes from other companies.
  • Many of these types of “companies” work without official authorization and without the proper liability insurance.

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