Air & Sea

As experts when it comes to all types of transport tasks, it goes without saying that air and sea freight are within our scope of service. With our international network of agents, we make reliable import/export planning possible for you.  In doing so, we keep an eye on your advantage when it comes to costs/benefits.

For this, we use consolidated deliveries, otherwise known as ‘consols.’ In this way, you have access to all of the world’s important airports and economic centers.

In the process, we take care of all important matters for you: from the insurance through combined, air and sea freight transport and everything to do with customs, including express deliveries. Our fixed partner-representatives on 6 continents guarantee trouble-free execution.

As our customer, you always have access to all the relevant data on a delivery, which you can call up at any time and pass along confidentially. That gives you and your customers planning security and also maximum transparency.