Blind Spot

Blind Spot


This year, EBERL once again hosted an accident prevention regulations course. At this mandatory event (according to QM) for EBERL’s drivers and warehouse employees, potential dangers were illustrated. Mats were laid out around the trucks (see photo) to demonstrate these blind spots.

Every vehicle has four blind spots:

  • directly in front of the vehicle
  • behind the vehicle
  • on the left side of the vehicle
  • especially dangerous is the blind spot on the right side

The most dangerous situation is when a truck makes a right turn. Unlike the driver of a passenger car, a truck driver cannot see through windows in all directions and even in the side and rear-view mirrors they can’t see everything. For this reason, it is very important to adjust the vehicle’s mirrors properly.

When a truck or a bus makes a turn, the rear wheels cover a shorter distance than the front wheels. Since the rear wheels follow a different line than the front wheels, the back end of a truck can potentially hit a cyclist or a pedestrian. We at EBERL would like to wish everyone a safe and pleasant journey!