Transport Capacity Increased

Transport Capacity Increased


On behalf of our clients, access to our own equipment and the ability to meet our high, personal standards of quality are important to us.
Thus, our fleet has been expanded with more swap bodies and new mega trailers:

– The swap bodies, endorsed with the DIN EN 12642 Code XL cargo certificate, are equipped on both sides with sliding tarpaulins and a sliding roof.

– The new trailers are two, two-axle sliding side trailers in the mega format with the latest equipment:  As double-decker trailers, they can be loaded with up to 67 euro pallets of lightly packed goods on two levels. They have an interior height of nearly 3 meters.
These mega trailers are also prepared to take on extra-wide loads and are certified according to EN 12642 Code XL as well as Daimler 9.5.

At the hand-over to Spedition Eberl, the manufacturer, Schmitz Cargo Bull, gave us an extensive orientation – under the interested eye of a representative of the Bavarian Police’s training institute.

With these new units, Eberl now has over 33 trailers and 20 tractors available. Every day, 24 of our own units are dispatched Europe-wide for general cargo – with GPS control. A total of 56 tractor units are dispatched every working day.