Logistics Hotel Eberl


In keeping up with the growing demands of modern logistics, we are happy to present you with our newly completed Hall 5, finished at the beginning of this year.
Through custom planning and long years of experience, we have created the ideal warehouse and handling space for your goods.
In the newly created 3,200 sq m of this multi-use hall, now totaling 15,000 sq m, we can now offer you even more comprehensive services…

Heated, thermal warehouse for individual warehousing

  • 500 sq m of temperature-controlled warehouse space
  • high-bay warehouse with 600 berths
  • variable temperature regulation to accommodate individual customer preferences
  • with optimal environmental conditions, we can also offer you professional warehousing of temperature-sensitive goods.



Flexible loading


  • 10 tn. heavy-cargo crane
  • warehouse space for 100 x 20 ft. containers
  • flexible loading and reloading possibilities with our crane system
  • fast and dry loading by processing the truck directly in the hall
  • dust-free warehousing of moving goods as well as customer-specific commissions
  • Regional deep-freeze warehouse for Nestlé-Schöller
  • deep-freezer storage down to -25°C
  • thermal airlocks for loading to keep the goods at a constant temperature
  • loading and unloading possibilities for up to 5 semi-trailers
  • individual office space for commercial processing