Environmentally Friendly Transport

Environmentally Friendly Transport


Since our trucks travel several million kilometers each year, we place a particularly high priority on having the latest technology. Our drivers also adhere to an environmentally-friendly driving style! As a freight forwarder, we would like to do our part for the environment with the use of low-emission engines and an ecologically conscious freight routing.

We preside over a modern fleet with low-noise and low-emission engines. Our drivers follow optimal routes. Conservation, when it comes to the use of electricity, water and consumables, is one of our top priorities.

New vehicles are purchased on the basis of minimizing our overall pollution load. This also includes the careful selection of tires, special tread profiles and constant monitoring of tire pressure. All of this contributes to a reduction of emissions through fuel savings.

All runs are optimally planned with the most modern telematics and logistical systems. This avoids unnecessary, empty runs. At the same time, all out semi-trailers are using so-called ‘sliding roofs’ to reduce wind resistance as much as possible. In this way, we can effectively reduce the exhaust’s harmful effects and protect our environment on into the future.