Eberl grateful … THANKS super team :-)

Eberl grateful ... THANKS super team :-)


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Due to the current situation, we wanted to give you the following lines:

Our colleagues in our EBERL logistics center and all partners in the entire supply chain are currently working tirelessly for YOU, for US.

Our colleagues master the current challenges with flying colors, so that the timely replenishment of the goods and thus the usual securing of full shelves, e.g. B. in supermarkets, in supply or production chains, etc. can be guaranteed.

In the course of this we would like to join the following appeal:

We ask you to be cooperative when the goods are handed over by the driver – please continue to treat our colleagues respectfully on site! We all don’t have an easy time at the moment and one or the other is nervous.

You support our colleagues enormously if you keep enough distance from each other and pay attention to all further protective measures. In times like these, it is important to stick together, take care of each other and once again consider life and our health as a privilege.

We all have responsibility: you for yourself, we for us. We for you and you for us. Let’s all show solidarity together. We’re all strong for the weak together! Don’t take all of this lightly, but don’t let it become a burden either – be careful yes, panic no.

Our deepest thanks go to all of our colleagues, because they are currently doing great things for us. Thanks to everyone who continues to care for and care for our society. THANKS to all everyday heroes! THANKS to all truck drivers and the people who exude calm, reason, cohesion and prudence in these turbulent times.

Kind regards, please stay healthy!

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