E5 GmbH Starts Operations

E5 GmbH Starts Operations


The E5 GmbH has started its metalworking operations in Altenmarkt.

In a newly outfitted hall equipped with modern extraction systems, the cast metal parts will be deburred and polished by our 10 newly-hired employees. The deburring takes place a stationary grinding machine and there are also three work stations outfitted for hand grinding machines. The process ends with quality control. Defective parts are taken back directly to be melted down again. The heavy castings are lifted to the work stations with slewing cranes.

Speditionen Eberl and Zitzlsperger then transport to the finished castings to their recipients. Through this process, our customer only needs one contact partner for the entire service chain.

If you have any questions about E5, please contact Mr. Christian Rauch.
Email: christian.rauch@spedition-eberl.de oder
Telefon: +49 (0) 8669 358 262